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HitcH Capital merges with Aquasphere Group

HitcH Capital team is pleased to announce its merger with Aquasphere Group bringing the new Investment Banking business line to the Group. This transaction will help boost the consolidation of Aquasphere in the sector with the aim of reaching 1,5 Billion euros of assets under management by 2023. The HitcH Capital team has specialized in advising and structuring cross-border operations, fundraising with sophisticated ECM and DCM financial instruments, as well as IPOs of companies on the main European Stock Exchanges such as Madrid, London, Paris and Luxembourg. Aquasphere is an international financial group focused on capital markets, investment vehicle management and investment banking. Founded in Miami, it has a presence in the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Portugal and Malta. As a globally consolidated group, Aquasphere's interest in the merger lies in the acquisition of the know-how of the Hitch Capital team to promote the Investment Banking line of business, expanding its spectrum in cross-border operations both at a European and American level. About Aquasphere Group:

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